Le vendredi c’est LdL Inspire n°9


Voici quelques incroyables créations de lettering et calligraphies en provenance de france et du monde. 

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Keep it Simple . ✌🏻️✍🏻️

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Movember is almost over, but I had to sneak this in. This Movember is especially significant to me and my family because just about a month ago I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. There are too many details in my story to share in an instagram post but what is important is that I share at least a little of what is going on in my life so that other guys who notice a lump, like myself, make that awkward visit to the doctor to get it checked out. Fortunately I caught it early. This process has been unexpected and interesting and scary. But I trust that God has a plan and a purpose. It's never been easy to ask for help, but this process is expensive (even with insurance) and I figure even if one person gives $1 its helpful. My wife has set up (link in bio) you can donate or not, but can also see more of my story. And one more favor to ask, prayers would be much appreciated. Thanks! #movember #testicularcancer #lettering #typegang #typography #lettering #goodtype #handlettering

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It's not that hard, and feels good. 😊 #beoriginal

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Used a Tombow to rough out the letterforms then modify with pencil.

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How to Twerk Step 1: Reconsider

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Make by @tobiassaul – Daily typography & lettering design love ❤️ – typostrate –

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A propros

Renaud Destermes

A là base du projet LdL et amateur de calligraphie depuis maintenant 10 ans, j’ai décidé de créer ce site pour regrouper un maximum d’artistes français et ainsi promouvoir la scène FR.

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